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Week 10: Time to say goodbye

Today I am doing week 10 post. I will be answering all of the questions it asks me. Lets begin. How many posts did you write? This quarter I wrote 5 posts I think. Altogether I did 8 posts. How many comments have you received from student or teachers? The number of comments I received is 5 total. Which post received the most comments? The post that received the most comments was me, myself and I. Why do you think that happened? Because it was probably detailed. Which post did you enjoy writing most and why? The post that I enjoyed most about writing is the week 5 images because I love talking about my favorite things to do. By the way, that is why I chose the images that I have in that post. Did you change your blog theme and why? I didn’t change my blog theme because I love my blue background. I was going to change it but I never got around to it. Well, that’s all of the questions I had to answer. Now I will have Haley do a blog audit…….

I’m back. So what I did was I Questioned Haley about my blog. I asked her for simple questions. I asked what were your first impressions of the blog? She said it was really nice and adorable. Then I asked her what captured your attention? She says week #5 images. Then I asked what distracted you from the blog? She answered nothing meaning nothing distracted her on my bog which is good. Then finally I asked what suggestion can you give me to improve my blog? She said nothing. It was adorable. Well, this was fun. Bye…



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Week #9 post: Doing my best

There are many ways of what makes a great family. One thing for sure is that a great family would eat full meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. Regular families would eat little snacks during the day. Great families would and get up on time and go to work while their children stay and make sure that there house is clean when there parents come home.

What other great families do is on there way out there door to work they greet their neighbors even if that neighbor was nice or mean. Regular families would just go to work ignoring their neighbors. A great family would go to sleep on time. Regular families would probably stay up late. Another way of what makes a great family is having a family game night at least once a week. Other families don’t and that’s ok too. A perfect family would go out to dinner every once in awhile. Healthy food is what makes a great family also. Regular families would eat a lot of junk food. Well, that is most of the things of what makes a great family.


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week 8 post

The 3 blogs that I visited were jessies, kaylees, and hailey’s blogs. So, on jessies I visited her avatar post because seeing different avatars are cool. And I thought jessies avatar was amazing. Avatars are so interesting. Next I visited Kaylees avatar post because I though her avatar looks cool. I also liked the way she described her avatar with really dark details. Lastley, I visited hailey’s avatar post because I love avatars. I thought her avatar was cute. So today I basically looked at three different avatars and commented on them. I also couldn’t find a image for this one. oh well! BYE!!


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Week #7

Today I decided to blog about week 7 work then play. I decided to pick activity 3. So, if my family was stranded on an island with nothing but our clothes, what I would do to entertain myself is play tag with my siblings until my mom and dad would find help. I chose that to entertain myself because what else would I do to entertain myself? Dig? No. I would rather just play tag instead of dig. If I get tired of playing tag then I would probably just be bored twiddle my thumbs because the desert is boring!

Meteors. Sahara 2015 Adventure Series CHILDREN OF DARKLIGHT [DKL] via Compfight

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Week #6 food and culture

Today I am going to talk about food, songs, and clothing that is popular in the united states. So I am going to talk about different food in our country. Seafood in the United States originated with the Native Americans, who often ate cod, lemon sole, flounder, herring, halibut, sturgeon,smelt, drum on the East Coast, and olachen and salmon on the West Coast. Whale was hunted by Native Americans off the Northwest coast, especially by the Makah, and used for their meat and oil.[1] Seal and walrus were also eaten, in addition to eel from New York’s Finger Lakes region. Catfish was also popular amongst native peoples, including the Modocs. Crustacean included shrimp, lobster,crayfish, and dungeness crabs in the Northwest and blue crabs in the East. Now here are some examples of seafood:

BC spot prawns Heather Joan via Compfight Sushi at the Biltmore Brunch - Coral Gables, FL Chris Goldberg via Compfight 

Other foods could be good meals like macaroni and cheese or other meats or celery, carrots, or corn. There are many other foods that we have in the united states. Next, I am going to talk about music in the united states. I don’t think that there is popular music in the united states. So, what I think That the genre people mainly listen too is country and rock. But that’s my opinion. The clothing that people weir in the united states is junky clothing. Here is examples of junky clothing.

IMG_6578 Red leather mini skirt and otk boots Leather fashion fashionista via Compfight IMG_8344 My leather mini skirt Leather fashion fashionista via Compfight

And that is some of the junky clothing that we weir. I enjoyed this week 6 post. Bye!!!


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Wekk #5 Images

Ours blanc / White Bear (Ursus maritimus) Guy Le Page via Compfight 

bundstifte / colored-pencilsCreative Commons License Anka Albrecht via Compfight

Today I am doing week 5 images. So today I decided to choose 2 images because I had 2 in mind that I wanted to talk about. The 1st one that I chose was a polar bear image because my favorite animal is a polar bear. Before, I really didn’t like polar bears. Before my favorite animal polar bears I used to like cats and kittens. But I decided to read a zoobooks magazine article called polar bears. It had so many interesting facts. So interesting that I never wanted to stop reading it. So now to this very day I love polar bears. Anyways, my 2nd picture is a picture of colored pencils because I love drawing. I don’t use crayons much because they are to messy and colored pencils are like using a regular pencil and also they are less messy. But that is not the only reason why I chose this image. I also chose it because I love art and so much creativity that you can do with colored pencils. So I hope you bloggers enjoyed reading this.

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week #4

How I celebrate Halloween is that I get my costume on and go trick or treating with my family. For dinner we would have something that we don’t normally eat. And for dessert my mom makes her best homemade caramel apples. They’re delish. Sometimes we would decorate our house, but this year we’re not decorating because my dad doesn’t have money at the moment.

I am being a dark angel. It’s all black. My brother is going to be a zombie with flabby skin hanging off of him, and I am going to make a brain out of gummy worms for him. My little sister is going to be a pink kitten. MEOW!! She always had a thing for animals. She loves animals. My big sister is being batwoman, I think. Something like that. BYE!!!!!

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#10 So long, farwell

So far I have done 7 posts. #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10. I got 8 comments so far from the about me post and the week #1 post. 4 on each of them. By the way my other posts that I did were not on my site. Anyways, the post that I enjoyed most typing was I think the week #7 post. I did not change my blog theme because I love it. I don’t really know how many widgets I have.

I had Senella look at my site. Her first impression of my blog was that is was good. What captured her attention is that she said the nature post. Her favorite part of it was the polar bear pictures. What distracted her was the polar bear and its cub. She says that she can’t think of any suggestions to improve my blog. I guess it’s really good then. I often visit blogs and comment usually 3 times a week. If not then I often do that 2 times a week. The most important thing that I learned during this challenge is that I should comment and visit more people’s blog more often. Well that’s about it. So long, farewell!

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About Me

Me Myself And I

Hi my name is Savannah. I am so excited about writing this. I am writing about me. Like I will be talking about what my personalities, abilities and appearance are. So I am going to tell you a little about myself. So my favorite color is blue. I love kiwi. My favorite dinner is spaghetti. My favorite breakfast is french toast, especially if my dad makes it. Then that means it’s special. And I don’t really have a favorite lunch.  So let’s get started with me explaining other stuff about me.

So my personalities are that I’m a clean person. I hate ants. I also eavesdrop a lot! I am improving on my hand writing and I also love spiders. My special abilities are that I can do the splits sideways and so that is my ability that I can do. I also have OCD. I am the master at organization. So if you basically need anything organized then you know where to go then.


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